In the whimsical season of Bonkmas, Solana's network is buzzing with excitement. Meme tokens have flooded the space like the playful Bonk, the charming LITERALLY JUST A DOG WIF A HAT, and Silly, the dragon. This period marks a pivotal race to reinvigorate the Solana community and highlight its potential as a vibrant exchange platform. Solana Bags, a group of enthusiastic proponents who recognize the ups and downs of this journey. Embracing the meme culture, they infused the community with educational content, fun events, and a spirit of inclusivity, gradually transforming Solana into more than a blockchain network.

  • 40% - Burned
  • 20% - Airdrop
  • 16% - WBAG Core Team (For community bounties)
  • 23% - WBAG Baggers DAO (Artists, Devs, Marketing Degens)
  • 1% - Liquidity